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January Masterclass Series

Icon Archie Burnett Ninja

This Masterclass series is part of our LGBTQ+ Safe Space Project What The Punk Fest and sponsored by Open House Conspiracy in partnership with Dunedin International Film Festival. Class is open to all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, or handicap. All freaks, geeks, fairies, and floor rockers are encouraged to come and experience firsthand the profound sense of liberation and community that gay urban dance offers. Expect to get a taste of the culture, intro to new techniques, history, laughs, inspiration and more. Join the legacy!


$10 Zoom

$20 Pre Sign Up

$30 At Door


Jan14th- Vogue & Punking Masterclass (St Pete, Fl):

Jan 15th- Movie Night | Q&A | Demo (Dunedin, Fl):

Jan 17th- Vogue & Punking Masterclass (Lake Worth, Fl):

HOW TO SIGN UP: Sign up via Facebook links above or on our websites.

As part of this epic weekend, Grandfather Archie Ninja will be a featured guest at the Dunedin International Film Festival. On January 15th at 10:30 PM there will be a screening of his 90s house dance documentary Check Your Body at the Door Film Screening with Archie Burnett, Q&A, and live dance demonstration in an open air venue with social distancing, mask wearing, and other COVID-19 safety measures strictly enforced. (See below)

Burnett will be on hand after to talk about the film, dance culture, and answer any questions!

PRIVATE LESSONS: Archie Burnett is available for private training/classes in Hillborough, Pinellas, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade counties. email:

COVID-19 safety measures include:

• Temperature screening

• Limited capacity

• Masks required when not seated

• Social distancing enforced

• Sanitizer and masks available

• Certified COVID-19 Compliance Officer on staff

Our Community Partners:

We welcome you to go over our conduct on the "Policies" tab at...

See you there everyone!




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