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Our legacy will be a portfolio of groundbreaking endeavors that catalyze social equity, elite education, world class entertainment & a deeper sense of humanity 


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Christopher Scott Caldwell is the founder of Ovations Global Network INC. His clients include Grammy lifetime achievement award winners, So You Think You Can Dance, founders of major Fitness Brands, performers on network TV and from stages across the globe, and internationally accredited dance pioneers.

Christopher Scott Caldwell


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Adriana Harrison wears many hats. Elementary educator by day, program managing maven by night. As project manager Adriana assist both the board and committees in governance of our endeavors. Adriana represents the eyes in the ears of the company.

Adriana Harrison


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New York based choreographer & educator Teresa Perez Ceccon works closely with pioneer Jazz dancer Lynn Simonson conducting the Simonson Method of Teacher Training (SMTT). She travels annually worldwide teaching Simonson pedagogy, technique workshops as well as private and group SMTT courses.

Teresa Perez Ceccon



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Lynn Simonson is the creator of Simonson Technique, an organic approach to movement that prepares the body to dance in a way that is anatomically intelligent and somatically aware. Simonson has received awards from American Dance Guild, National Dance Educators of America, Dance Magazine, and National Dance Association of USA. She was honored for lifetime achievement in dance by Encore International Festival, 2003, Boston Youth Moves, 2004, and Dance New Amsterdam, 2005.

Lynn Simonson


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