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Afro Cuban Folklore: Ijesa Dances

Dance and Drum Folklore series is a community of education, healing, creativity and culture open to ALL. This month we continue our celebration of CUBA with master teacher and drummer Marisol Blanco. We will be dancing the Ijesa Dances.

The Ijesha (Ijesa) are ancient militaristic, agriculturalists and expert trading Yoruboid-speaking people that form a sub-ethnic of the larger Yoruba people of West Africa, particularly Nigeria and Benin. The Ijesa are predominantly from the city and environs of Ilesha (Ilesa) and the historic Kingdom of Ilesha in the same area. Ijesa people form the largest chunk of sub-Yoruba ethnic group that were shipped into slavery in America and the Caribbean (Cuba).

By Donation

FREE to Veterans FREE to Children under 9 FREE to Student groups of (3) or more

LOCATION: Creative Heart Dance Studio (BOCA RATON)



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