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Dance and Drum Folklore series is a community of education, healing, creativity and culture open to ALL. This month we continue our celebration of CUBA with master teacher and drummer Marisol Blanco. We will be dancing the second installment of the BANTU DANCES! The Bantu group came to Cuba as slaves from Central and Southern Africa. One of the largest, strongest and fiercest ethnic groups. Bantu dances are divided into three dance manifestations Palo Monte is the warrior dance, Makuta is the entertainment/festive dance and Yuka is a mimetic dance, where the movements of a rooster and a hen are imitated representing the fertility. They are classified in two groups, the women represent the water spirits (Nkita Kunamasa o Bisimbimasa) and the men represent the mountain spirits (Nkita Kisenke). By Donation FREE to Veterans

FREE to Children under 9 FREE to Student groups of (3) or more



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