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Jan. 1st, 2019

Contact: Christopher S. Caldwell, Executive Director

1-239-745-5494 |

EDITORS: Download images from Florida’s International What The Punk Fest here: PRINT MATERIALS & VIDEOS & PHOTOS

What The Punk Fest 2019 announces early-bird registration for historic 3 day 60’s 70’s and 80’s Street Dance Festival. LGBT Icons, parties, performances, workshops, battles, and more!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- With an early-bird registration discount available through mid-February, What The Punk Fest offers its three-day 2019 programming from June 28 through June 30th in Broward county FL’s up and coming FAT Village Arts District.

WTP provides thousands of students around the globe an opportunity to convene for Florida’s first and only international dance festival dedicated to the preservation of 60s 70s and 80s underground music and dance cultures. WTP also serves to honor dances born from the LGBTQUIA community by offering a global platform to learn the rich history behind the culture, the people, their struggle, and their impact on the arts and society as we know it today.

WTP Fest weekend is scheduled in memorial of the Stonewall Riots that are described as the start of the Trans and Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. Each day is packed with a smorgasbord of lectures, classes, performances, cyphers, and so much more by LGBT icons, dance pioneers, and internationally acclaimed artists, and community activists.

The current early-bird special rate, available throughout the year will change mid-February. Thereafter, the festival costs more. A limited number of scholarships are available for qualified low-income students on a first-come, first served basis. For more information and to see the event schedule, call What The Punk Fest at 1-833-OGDANCE 643-2623 or visit the website:

Formerly known as Soul Train Experience, now in its 2nd year, What The Punk Fest’s impact can already be seen, felt and heard. WTP is Florida's ONLY LGBT centric street dance festival with the mission of being a reliable “safe haven” for the community to connect, learn their history, express personal growth and DANCE! WTP provides year round programming in addition to the annual festival such as, lecture demonstrations at LGBT youth centers, youth balls, classes, cyphers, movie nights and more.

Among the locals impacted by HIV/AIDS—the population WTP supports—are largely young LGBTQ people of color who are members of the ballroom scene, and/or underground street dance scene.

Emerging out of the vital need for allies and "support systems” within those communities. WTP has partnered with The Manor Complex Fort Lauderdale on a once monthly Soul Cypher dance event and several tri-county area LGBT youth centers for a series of youth Balls in 2019, under the shared belief that community and performative expression can save lives. For more information or to donate please visit

WTP provides many options to keep the festival affordable with our FREE Special Events, WTPunk Embassadors, Personalized Payment Plans. In 2017 the festival offered discounted pricing to over 80 attendees and assisted via scholarship three certifying educators based on extenuating circumstances. The ambassador program helps people worldwide earn free tickets and upgrades rather than pay out of pocket. WTP also now admits children up to 7 years old free to kid friendly events as part of the festival.

Festival Director Christopher S. Caldwell says “WTPunk Fest is tailor fit for any level of 60’s 70’s 80’s, Disco, Funk, & Hip-Hop enthusiast. young and old, professional to non-dancer, the weekend is brimming with experiences that will ignite the part of you that can't help but mumble your favorite tune or groove to the beat.”

The program includes special master classes taught by internationally renowned dance pioneers in residence at What The Punk Fest such as Viktor Manoel, Archie Burnett, and Don Campbellock. In addition, dance enthusiasts and students can purchase tickets to select festival performances on the Revival Stage. Performances by House of Ninja, Ovations Global Network, and more...

Viktor Manoel is the world's last living pioneer of the American dance classic originally known as Punking. Now referred to as Whacking/Waacking, WTP serves as a rare and bona fide resource for education and preservation the style— how it’s done, and how to teach it.

Archie Burnett is the International Father of the House of Ninja. As a sought after Ambassador of Urban dance styles, Archie is also the person responsible for pioneering the Vogue Culture in Europe.

Don Campbellock has the prestigious honor of being the creator of “Locking.” He is also the founder of renowned dance crew the The Lockers, who were hailed throughout the 1970’s as having “changed the face of dance.”

On Friday visiting Dance Icons will chat with Dj’s from all over about the history behind their respective styles, the dancers and their relationship to the DJ, the music, and Hip Hop culture. The chat will seg-way into What The Punk Fests 2019 Soul Cypher! A 60’s 70’s 80’s & today dance party open to dance and music enthusiasts of ALL ages! It is a gender blender featuring amazing DJ’s, cyphers, celebrity appearances, performances, giveaways and more! All proceeds from this event go to benefit WTPunk's Youth Ball Series.

The weekend continues Saturday with a Historical Lecture Demonstration hosted by General Provision, Downtown. Following that, participants will split up for the 1st set of masterclasses. Aspiring teachers have an opportunity to learn how to teach Punking/Whacking from the last living pioneer for the style, Viktor Manoel. Popping, Locking and Funk enthusiasts will head over to Don Campbellocks “Origins Workshop.”

The final day of the festival is packed with a FULL day of community workshops and masterclasses. Students, beginner-professional can participate in Punking/Whacking | Vogue | House | Choreography | Battle Etiquette and more! Culminating the program, WTP will stage a community Flash Mob event as part of the day 3 Vogue Ball, and Punking 1v1 Battle. The performance will be used to produce a video and released as a community activism project for HIV awareness in a final nod to the historic Stonewall Riot anniversary weekend. For details on events including dress codes/themes, and categories for battles please visit

Florida's International What The Punk Fest is supported in part by Ovations Global Network Inc, General Provision Fort Lauderdale, FAT Village Arts District, House of Ninja (HON), and the International House of Artistic Punking (I.H.O.A.P)



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