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Ovations Global Network (OGN) is a not – for- profit 501(c)(3) membership organization. Our alliance of artists, art makers, investors, and activists who have devoted to their platform to mobilizing the unifying qualities of dance to positively affect public quality of life for all. OGN provides the dance artist, educator and enthusiast equal  access to a range of quality dance services and tools for dance centered education, entertainment, research, careers, advocacy & outreach. 




We provide safe spaces, dance and music being the common denominator, to as many people possible regardless of sexuality, gender, age, race, or experience level. The goal is to positively impact the communities we service by harnessing the fierceness, liberation, art, and unity that gay urban dance offers. We curate on demand, monthly, touring, and youth led initiatives, as well as a culminating annual international gay urban dance festival in sunny South Florida, USA.

Among those impacted by HIV/AIDS — the population WTPUNK supports — are largely LGBTQIA + individuals, many of which are people of color who are members of the ballroom scene, drag scene, and/or underground urban dance community. WTPUNK emerges out of a vital need for allies and “support systems“ within those communities.


Dance and Drum Folklore series is a community of folklore, education, healing, and culture open to ALL. 

Classes held monthly. BY DONATION
FREE to Veterans
FREE to Children under 9
FREE to Student groups of (3) or more.


Whether these dances are fast or slow, folk or classical, an additional benefit of dancing and drumming is the unifying cultural education that accompanies them.  Every dance is a story; it’s like you’re talking. Who knows where the conversation will lead you?

Dance & Drum


Universal Language, is a hosted travel dance series associate produced by OGN that will investigate how the migration and assimilation of peoples changed the dynamic of that society through dance and music. Our host Loren Livick will delve into the dances, the music, and customs that embody the essence of a communities’ identity. The season will link each episode by tracing the migration of peoples and their commonly shared customs.



06 / 22 /  2024

STILL DANCING' Pride Party w/ special guest ICON Nicky Siano St Pete, FL


  06 / 28 /  2024

Teen Stonewall Kiki: Gay Urban Dances & History w/ Compass Community Center.
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