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A New Agenda

Movement Diary


A New Agenda

Movement Diary


Delray Beach, FL

Voting is the bare minimum.

Each of us must take responsibility for our own contributions to the worlds chaos, to our local communities, our bodies, and our planet.

It is time for a new agenda! One where diversity and inclusion is finally met with relentless justice. 

This is a call to action, to use your dance to shape the future. Our art is powerful, healing, and transcendent.


The music and dance traditions imbedded in our collective origins and migrations bind us, and make a party of our differences. 

Together through our art we can spark presence in the mind, body, and spirit of those around us. Cut through our collective ignorance, and leave a kinder, more sustainable, and art filled planet for generations to come.

Directed and Performed by: Christopher Scott Caldwell

Shot and Edited by: Kanica Him


March 2020

Time For A New Agenda
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