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Palm Beach County,FL


February 2017

FREE  Dance Folklore Workshop Series


Every month for 1 year we brought native, pioneering and practice based cultural authorities of traditional drum and dance of the African Diasphora. Master drummers and dancers such as Nko Fallou (Alvin Ailey), Marisol Blanco (Cuba), Jean Claude Lessou (Ivory Coast), and Dr Djo Bi (Abidjan) gave our community an inspiring series celebrating traditional folklore from Senegal, Mali, Cuba, Haiti and so much more! Dance and Drum  Folklore series is a community of education, healing, creativity and culture open to ALL. 

By Donation
FREE to Veterans
FREE to Children under 9
FREE to Student groups of (3) or more

Traditional Dance is a powerful ally for developing positive attributes in a growing child and the ever evolving adult. Dance is innate in all of us. As children, we move naturally. We move to achieve mobility, we move to express a thought or feeling, and we move because it is joyful and feels wonderful. As adults we often call on dance when thoughts or emotions are too powerful for words. It embodies one of our most primal connections to our ancestral heritage and provides a non-verbal historical gateway to understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others.

The physical benefits of dance are plentiful and widely accepted. Emotionally, socially and cognitively however, the benefits and unique self awareness that comes from organizing movement and rhythm into the aesthetic experience of dance is where lives are changed!

Nationwide, our educational systems include drawing and singing yet they often neglect to include dance let alone traditional dance or Folkloric studies. Help us be the difference here in Tri- County Florida!


*Any proceeds not used for the series will be allocated to our sister project using traditional African Drum education as therapy for veterans suffering from Post- traumatic Stress Dissorder (PTSD).

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