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The network is so honored to have been invited to join the team over at Boy Rooster Films as associate producers on this groundbreaking cultural project. Universal language is the brainchild of Loren Livick who conceived this idea while teaching western dance methodology in Europe and Asia. She realized there is a wealth of culture and identity embedded in the dances that she was teaching and learning. She knew this story was universal and needed to be told.  As the Director of the series, Universal Language, I am bringing a storytelling approach that will encompass a cinematic sensibility along the lines of shows like Parts Unknown. 


Loren and director _____ met on a joint project in Miami Florida.  They began to work together on various projects revolving around food, travel, and culture.  They first discussed the idea of a travel dance series in 2015 and quickly formed the plan that would become Universal Language.  Living in Miami, it was clear how their concept could be realized.  Miami, known to the locals as the capital of Latin America, is true cultural melting pot.   And with its rich tapestry of dance, music, people, and art - it was the perfect place to start the series. 


Universal Language, is a hosted travel dance series that will investigate how the migration and assimilation of peoples changed the dynamic of that society through dance and music. Our host Loren Livick will delve into the dances, the music, and customs that embody the essence of a communities’ identity.  The season will link each episode by tracing the migration of peoples and their commonly shared customs.  We will discover the roots of ancient dance traditions and draw conclusions about how those traditions are still present in today’s contemporary society.  Although humans do not speak the same language, there is the Universal Language of dance that unites us all. 

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